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Tragic: 2 New Police Recruits Die While Chasing Weed Smokers

Two new police recruits just met their end while they were running and Chasing after some suspected weed smokers.

The two police officers are constable Oparemi Goke and constable Ogunyemi Mujeeb. According to Linda Ikeji Blog, both of the now deceased police men are newly recruited constables.

The police men who seems to have gotten wind of the information that the suspected smokers were in a location decided to go after them

Upon sighting the police men coming after them, the suspected weed smokers took to their heels running, all in a bid to get away from the police men. The police men were not ready to let them go and decided to engage them in a hot pursuit.

In the hot pursuit, the gallant police men chased after them relentlessly with the hopes of getting them. However those hopes were aborted. One of the suspects ran towards a bridge washed away by flood. Still yet, the police men were still running after him.

He jumped into the water as part of his hope of escape. The police men did not mind as they jumped in after him.

Unfortunately, both of the police men were caught in mud and could not swim their way out of it. The mud held them there as they sank, drowning them in the process.

The police men died as a result of the incident and their bodies was later recovered from the water.

What could have made the police men to jump into a water body they are not too familiar with, is still a question that is yet to be answered.

Well we can say they died in the line of duty serving their country.

May the souls of the departed find peace in the bosom of our Lord God.

All photos are credited to Linda Ikeji Blog

Story source is credited to Linda Ikeji Blog

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