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The ignorance of the Nigerian Police (SARS)

The ignorance of the Nigerian Police ( Sars)

This is not a new topic but its content Le are far fetched. Don’t scroll through, please read to the End.  

The Nigerian police is one of the trusted security service in the country (let’s hope).  The 200 million people put their lives and property in the care of this body (true). 

Nigerians have recorded the brilliant efforts and the brilliant errors of the force since history and till date. The force started doing well with taking care of the traffic congestions and securing politicians. (Quote me wrong) 

They do well mounting roadblocks too and   Doing parades on Independence Day. (Don’t laugh) They quite good at escorting bullion vans too. 

Are these not complimentary enough? Tell me one thing our police is good at? Oh! They help you arrest your tenant when he refuses to pay the rent. That’s a hell of a big job. (Giggles)

I’m not mocking the Police, I’m telling them areas they need to de-bug in the system. 

Nigeria Police will arrest you without a warrant and beat you up to write a false statement. 

Nigerian Police will lock you up and collect  your ATM to withdraw money from your account in the name of bailing you. (They will arrest you and they will bail you themselves)

Talking from experience. NPF will arrest you, confiscate your Valuables and after releasing you, they will refuse to give you your properties. (I didn’t get mine when they victimized me)

NPF will Raid you at night and lock you up even after you have showed them your ID. They will tell you “nah ID we wan chop”

They are just too hungry every time they appear. They lack Discipline and coordination. They are all Dirty, especially the SARS

The SARS is another hooligan department of the police. They are so corrupt and dirty that they don’t have shame. #Endsars 

One of them victimized me one night, he claimed I was insulting him when I was trying to explain my Bluetooth chip is not a modem. “You think say I no know computer? You Dey call this thing Bluetooth abi? You be yahoo boy, no be wetin you Dey take browse be this? “ he ranted.  He gave me three hot slaps and I went quiet in pity for his illiteracy and ignorance. 

SARS sees anyone with IPhone as a yahoo boy. Major messaging apps on android and iPhone is a crime to be on your phone. As a matter of fact you can’t have a foreign white friend. It’s just disgusting. 

SARS will threaten your life and make you feel you are not life worthy. They will assault you and lie that you are resisting arrest. Whenever you speak big grammar they will take it up as an insult and beat you up. (See the dudes that got paid from our tax money)

They handle their  weapon carelessly as if it is a pointing tool or stylus to your face. 

They will make you see the Police Job as a dirty job for the locals or for hopeless. 

I have tried to name one good Cop in Nigeria.  It’s not working. I have an uncle in the force who is a detective. I don’t know if he is clean or dirty. But I know he is not doing his job right too. Because he has to follow the system else he will be sanctioned. 

If you all permit me, I will keep writing till they do something. Did I mention he killings? It’s irritating to talk about. 

 I have seen other countries and saw how the Cops handle their citizens. 

—- How the NPF can be reformed. 

  1. Police monitoring Team:

NPF doesn’t have a monitoring Team. There should be a monitoring body different from the NPF that will be checkmating the activities of the police. 

  1. Re-education:

The Police should be educated again on certain citizenship values and rules of engagement. The police should understand the constitution of the country since they are law enforcers. 

  1. Creating a relationship between police and the people:

The Police be closer to the people. The “police is your friend “ notice they have in their Den is untrue and ironic. 

The police needs to know The people they are securing.  

  1. Crime solving methodology:

The police needs to write formulas to solve the major crimes in the society. 

They can hire foreign experts. It’s simple. 

A lot of security professionals are online looking up to get hired. 

  1. FG should look into their wages

The Police always look too tattered and Untailored. The FG should try make their earnings bearable or reduce their work load by recruiting more officers. 

I hope this gets to their Oga at the top. Nigeria needs a better NPF. God save our father land. 

Thanks for reading through...

Content created and supplied by: Chris_B (via Opera News )

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