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5-year-old boy picked up real gun and thought it was toy, Then shot his brother dead

According to Daily Mail, a five-year-old American boy accidentally picked up a gun discarded by criminals in the woods. He thought it was a toy gun, so he pulled the trigger on his brother. Unexpectedly, his brother fell to the ground and died.

According to reports, a 5-year-old boy was playing with his 12-year-old brother and another 7-year-old in Griffin, Georgia, on Saturday night local time. Suddenly, the five-year-old boy found a gun on the ground, so he picked it up quickly. Then he aimed the gun at his 12-year-old brother and fired. To his surprise, the gun knocked his brother over with a bang.

Griffin police said in a statement that at around 7:40 p.m. on the night of the incident, they rushed to the scene of the incident and found a 12-year-old boy shot in the chest. He was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital. However, due to the boy's serious injury, he died.

Local police said the five-year-old told them that he thought the gun he picked up in the woods was a toy gun and had no killing power, so he shot his brother.

As for why there was a gun in the woods, the local police explained. It turns out that the gun was thrown away by several criminals when they escaped the police. Two hours before the shooting, a group of criminals fled a traffic checkpoint, throwing a bag of drugs and a gun on the way. Later, the police searched the area, but found only drugs, but not the gun.

Local officials said they would hold those responsible for the incident, which resulted in the death of innocent children. They will then send the gun to the FBI's crime lab for DNA analysis.

"We will spare no effort to search for those responsible for the abandonment of weapons," said Mike Yates, chief of the Griffin police department. "I feel sad for the loss of this family. "

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