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She forced me to drink "toilet water", and put "lighter on my private part" - 14yrs old Kaduna girl.

A 14 years old girl who was beaten by her guardian, Mrs Yemi Awolola who forced princess Michael to drink toilet water and burnt her female secret part with lighter. This incidence happened at Shagari Estate, Barnawa in Kaduna South local government. Princess revealed how she was tortured and maltreated by Awolola who is a Deaconess in a pentecostal church.

Have you heard of any Mrs Yemi Awolola?

Yes. We met at her Shagari Estate in Kaduna.

Were you aware of the reason why your parents took you to her house to live with?

She revealed that her Dad and aunt was aware that she was staying Mrs Ayolola. I was told that I will go to school from her house.

What level were you in before going to her side?

Primary six. I wish to become a lawyer.

Did she allow you to attend school?

Yes but it was only for a week.

Why did she stop you?

There was a day that she gave me doughnut to take to my school, I was feeling so hungry that day that I decided to eat it on the road. When she saw me, she was angry and decided to stop me from going to school.

Did she treat you in a bad manner?

Yes there was a day she came back from a workplace and I asked me who is the rice that she left at home for going to work, I said me and she started beating me.

What did she use when beating you?

She made use of a piece of iron rod.

Apart from that what other things did she do to hurt you?

After beating me, she also put pepper on my skin. She used to lock me in the toilet and gave me toilet water to drink when am thirsty. I stayed there for more than a week.

Did she always feed you the way she feed her children?

No she did not use to feed me very well. She only gave me food once or twice in one day and there are times that she will add bitter leaf to my rice.

There are pictures of you online showing you with scar and bruised face. Where did you get that from?

It was a result of the torture and beating she gave me while the rest are from the hot knife she placed on my leg and face. She used to call me a witch.

Do you have injuries on your private part?

Yes. she burnt me with a lighter, I was accused of eating her Garri which I did not.

What of the husband? Did he know about what was happening?

He was in the room when she was burning my body.

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