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3 Days After Thieves Raided My Saloon Area, This Happened (Fiction)

I greet you all my people, my name is Sandra am an hair stylist what most people call an hair dresser and I have a salon here on the island , Lagos State..

Something happened recently to me , and am confused on what steps to take next that's why am writing this article to seek your opinion on the matter.

Continue reading if you want to know the details!

Sales have not been good recently and for obvious reasons since the lockdown order became effective, most of my customers haven't been patronising me like they use to ..

Funny but true I have more of my customers based on the mainland than on the island. But because of the restrictions on movement, I don't see them anymore. I make close to nothing on a daily basis.

But despite the fact that have not been making money of recent , my bills have been piling up, my landlord called me just last week to remind of my rent that's already a month due. I have been praying to God to provide money for me so I can clear all my debts and so am not put to shame.

Few days ago on a Friday my friend called me not to come to shop that day that one million boys gang were raiding the area where my saloon was, I took to her advice and stayed home that day. I later found out that the armed robbers operation was cut short as policemen chased and caught a few of them.

Fast forward to today Monday I got to my saloon and opened up for the day, the place was so dirty , it had not been cleaned for a whole weekend, I began cleaning the place immediately, just when I was done cleaning the interiors , I went to the back of the saloon to clean also when I saw a small black bag that I didn't recognize.

Curious as too what might be in the bag and who could have kept it there, I picked it up and opened it, inside the bag were bundles of money. I took it into my salon immediately and straight to my office poured all the money on my desk table..

Now am confused on the next step of action to take, there is a high chance that this money might be from the Robbery operation that took place last week Friday , my conscience is telling me to return the money to the police, but then I remember the so many bills I haven't paid, my rent inclusive .

What do you think I should do?

Should I take all the money for myself and close my saloon for a month till am sure the case would have died down?

Should I use the part of the money to settle my bills and return the rest?

Should I use all the money to help my self and people around me?

Or should I just return all the money and pray for a turnaround in my finances ?

Please I will be waiting for your upmost response in the comment section below. Thank you all for patiently reading.




Please I will be glad to get your replies ASAP.

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