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"Suicide is not an option." - Reactions as young man committed suicide after false rape accusation

Justice for Izu is currently trending on the Social Media after a young man identified as Izu committed suicide following false rape accusation by a lady he met on the social media.

According to multiple reports, the young man was accused of rape by a female he met online and his name was added to a trending fairytale list of sex offenders by the lady.

Twitter Users have taken to the platform to seek for justice for young late Izu following his untimely death.

Here are some of the things people Ade saying on Twitter:

@MrOdanz wrote: "There are men on these app who are the biggest cheerleaders of the "Believe ALL women" charade. They are the judge and executioner of ALL rape accusation on Twitter.

The blood of Izu and all men who lost it all because of false rape accusations is on their hands. #JusticeforIZU."

@Shawnifee wrote; "Izu was a guy with a bright future!

Izu turned down a lady’s advances and was falsely accused of sexual assault.

Izu brought out the facts & was dragged

Izu was an innocent person that couldn’t handle the onslaught, which made him take his own life. #JusticeforIZU"

@LisaMelz wrote; "Yes! Suicide is not an option.

But do you know Depression, Unstable metal state,Traumatic stress ,Fear of Loss & Hopelessness can lead to it 💔

He was falsely accused of Rape & couldn’t stand the pain💔

We want justice cause we ain’t sleeping on this one! #JusticeforIZU.

@RealDraylo wrote; "Rape is a crime. Any rape accusation made against anyone should be throughly investigated and taken to court not twitter. And oh! You toxic females on this app that are quick to falsely accuse people, your life will be miserable forever. #JusticeforIZU."

See more reactions below:

Rape is not good!

False rape accusation is not good!

Suicide is not an option!

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