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More details on how Gokada CEO was killed a day before his body was allegedly dismembered by his PA.

Fahim Saleh was the founder of Gokada and some Nigerians have said really nice things about him for creating a platform that helped Nigerians maneuver the busy roads and traffic jams.

According to reports, his personal assistant who also doubled as his chief of staff in one of his companies allegedly murdered Fahim.

Tyrese Devon Haspil a 21 year old is an athlete and a student. In the line of his job, he allegedly stole money amounting to $100,000 from Fahim, who never reported to authorities but set up a plan for Tyrese to pay back.

According to reports, Tyrese defaulted in his payment and took matters into his hands by ending the life of his boss.

New York Times reports that investigators believe Fahim was killed a day before his body was dismembered. His killer used a taser on him, left him in shock and stabbed his neck. The taser allegedly had a serial number that was linked to Tyrese.

Reports are that a saw was used in cutting Fahim’s body. His killer went back the following day to cut up his body but Fahim’s sister showed up and the killer left leaving the saw still connected to light.

His hands and legs were cut and placed in a bag. Reports are also that when Tyrese’s credit card was checked, it was discovered that he bought a saw and cleaning supplies. It was also found that he used the credit card to pay for his fare to and from Fahim’s house.

Tyrese has been arrested and would reportedly faces murder charges.

News source: New York Times

Photos credit: Google

May Fahim’s soul Rest In Peace.

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