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Man Fights Gateman Over Marital Conflict.

This incident happened at night in Makurdi, Benue State. A man was quarrelling with the gateman in the estate that he lives. This issue lead to a serious fight between the two men, hitting themselves with their hands and anything they can lay their hands on.

People separated them and demanded an explanation on why they are fighting. The man said that the gateman is causing a serious problem in his marriage. That the gateman told his wife he brought a lady into their house at night when she traveled to Abuja. But the gateman and the man's wife denialed the allegation. The gateman said that he is angry because the man refuse to pay security fee other tenants are paying, so he doesn't open the gate for the man whenever he comes back. The wife continued insisting that her husband cheated on.

His wife later told one of the men in her neighborhood that its true that the gateman told her. She said that she told the the gateman to report anything that happened in her house whenever she traveled. And that she will never forgive her husband. The gateman told her when her husband can back with the lady and when they left the house after she called him to take the lady out of their home. The gateman even told her that he didn't come back till the next day.

Who is to be blamed, the gateman, the man or his wife?

As for me I blamed the wife for being immature, she created a room for her husband to be insulted. How can you tell someone to monitor your husband or wife when you travel. What if that person is lying about the whole incident?

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