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Man Stabs Ex Girlfriend In USA.

The extent people will go for revenge is quite alarming this days.

According to footage, a young man was caught making an attempt to stab his ex girlfriend. We are unaware of what transpired between them to cause such an evil act . By the provisions of the footage, the lady was out on a walk with her baby that she placed on a cot and was pushing.

It showed how the man came up to the lady unexpectedly and grabbed her. He stabbed her with a knife and then left her on the floor and fled the crime scene. He was aware that camera may be around the vicinity for he tried his best to avoid it all. Unfortunately for him, his face was caught on the footage and the police are searching for him.

Thankfully, the woman is alive and her baby is well. We have seen other cases similar to this. We hope people deter from such evil. Attempted murder is a serious offence that is punishable.

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