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Be Careful: Girl Narrates What Two Men Did To Her After She Was Told To Enter Their Jeep (Video)

Nowadays, the increasing ways scammer do scam their victims is quite disheartening. They do think of many dubious ways to scam other people, these scammers usually defraud people of their money and valuable possessions without feeling any guilt or regret.

We all should be careful with how we do interact with strangers because some of these strangers might not be good people. It is better not to answer strangers on the street, some of these strangers are fraudsters looking for whom to defraud. When somebody who seems suspicious asks you a question on the road, please don't answer that person.

A video of a girl who was a victim of scammers was uploaded on Facebook.

Read what this girl said happened to her at the hands of two unidentified men.

The young girl is a resident of Abia State but resides in Akwa, Anambra State. She was passing a street in Awka Road when an elderly man in a jeep stopped her and claimed he was looking for a hospital. She told him that she did not know the hospital but as the young girl was about to go, another passerby asked her what did the driver of the jeep told her. The young girl refused to talk but immediately the passerby touched her, she became unconscious and entered their jeep.

These two scammers took this unconscious lady to a bank and ordered her to give them all her money which she obeyed. They also took her phone and handbag which contains valuable documents, after defrauding her, these two scammers dropped her in an unknown place in Awka Town and told her to go home.

Presently, the young girl did not know her house and business shop. She is still unconscious and roaming down the streets of Awka.

You can watch the full video on Facebook below the link.

Note: Please always be careful with the people asking you questions on the road.

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