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Young Nigerian man commits suicide after a lady he refused to go out with accused him of doing this

A young Nigerian identified as Legend Izu Madubueze has reportedly taken his own life after he was accused sexual abuse by a Twitter influencer.

The Twitter influencer, Nanichi Anese who published a list of abusers that ladies should avoid, refused to provide further details of how or who the guys abused.

Izu who reached out to Nani and asked to know who he abused didn't get a good response, instead Nani claimed that the accuser would love to remain anonymous. 

Nani later said that the alleged victim said that it was a "non physical sexual assault" but still refused to give details.

Izu kept trying to clear his name but the influencer was not cooperative.

Izu then left a note apologizing for a crime he knew nothing about, stating that he doesn't know what he did or who he has offended that led to him being accused.

On Friday 17th July, Isu posted his last tweets and it reads: "Oh and if you're reading this, I'm dead lol."

Izu committed suicide and Nani deactivated her Twitter account as soon as Izu's suicide was made public.

Older chats gotten from Izu's phone reportedly shows that Nani once asked him out but he declined.

For this reason, Nigerians are demanding Justice for Izu and the hashtag #JusticeForIzu is currently trending.

See tweets below.

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