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Road Accident

Sad: Hawkers Battles For Life As Bribe Seeking Policeman Drags Wheel With Driver Over N100 In Benin.

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It is not any longer's news that bribe-taking from policemen has been the other of the day, even when the higher authorities, try to curb this act. It seems like the more, the bad eggs keep doing it. 

Most times the victims of this bribe giving fall under the category of drivers both commercial and private drivers. To an extent, the commercial drivers are most vulnerable, as they are asked to give money whether they have made sales or not. So that when this request is not meant or ignored, the policemen involved, starts terrorizing the drivers.

Following a post from installing, unidentified police were seen dragging the wheel of a commercial car with the driver, because the driver refused to give him a bribe of N100. While the dragging was going on, the bus lost focus and hit two hawkers, who were innocently seeking their wears. 

This unfortunate incident happened in Ugbowo, Benin Edo State. In the video released by installing, you could see the policeman surrounded by an angry civilian, who is not happy about the outcome of what the policeman did, which led to the accident.

Hopefully, we pray that these innocent victims do not lose their lives because the only crime they had committed was to look for daily bread. 

The police should please look deeply into this case of bribing as it is really becoming alarming.

What are your thoughts on this issue?

Who do you think is at fault the policeman or driver.

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