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Darkness Exposed: See The Latest Form Of FEMALE PANT RITUALS By "Yahoo Boys". See And Be Cautious!

This article is to expose the latest form of female pant rituals by "Yahoo boys" which you might have no idea about. Last year, it is evident that the so called Yahoo boys used female pants for rituals. When I first heard about this pant theft and ritual, I thought it was a some made up story by local comedians. I was of the view that the pant ritual story would trend and quickly fade away,but I was mistaken. The story didn’t go away, instead it kept appearing and reappearing on social media. Newspapers started publishing photos of young men arrested for stealing female pants in Imo, Lagos, Delta, Ogun, Anambra, Ondo Edo etc. In fact at some point, the pant ritual scheme was given a fashionable name," yahoo plus".

One report states that ritualists hunt for female underwear in order to secure the discharge from the female private organs. This discharge, mensural or any other v*ginal fluid is extracted and used for ritual sacrifice. Female underwear and other accessories associated with this ritual have turned into gold, an occult gold in many parts of the country. Pants that are used for rituals cost much more than the market price. So stealing female pants has reportedly become a very lucrative business.

However, do you know their latest tactics? Let me tell you! They steal female pants and even disposed sanitary pads used by young girls for their evil motives. Recently, I was passing through a road that linked my neighborhood to a street nearby, I decided to urinate in a nearby bush. When I got to the bush, I saw a bottle tied with red piece of cloth. I was so curious to find out what it was, so I went closer and realize that it was a female pant that was tied together into a bottle. I summoned courage to open the bottle and a discovered a photograph of a lady together with her undies in the bottle. Then I quickly brought out my phone and took photos of the things I saw. This is wickedness in the highest order! I recognized the lady in the photograph. She's just a lady I randomly see passing through my neighborhood. She leaves at the other street adjacent to my street. I pity the lady! Hell is a better and conducive environment for the perpetrators of this inhumane act. I wonder how many other ladies are victims to this.

See The Photos Below:


My advice to other ladies out there is that they should be very cautious with their environment, evil people are everywhere.

Yahoo boys or ritualist don't know what coronavirus is. They are set to do whatever they want especially in this critical times. As a young lady, don't spread your undies in public view. Find a way possible to dry them in your room space. It is very safe this way. Most importantly, know your friends and the people you give access to your belongings. Your close friend (female friend) could be one of them or working for one Yahoo boy just to make fortune out of this wickedness. Stay vigilant! Take caution! Don't be reckless or careless over your belongings! Stay safe!



Content created and supplied by: UdumaPius (via Opera News )

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