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Differences between American and British English.

English is the most spoken language, in the whole world, with 1.132 million speakers, all over the world. As we all know, both Americans and British citizens, speak the same English language, but there are a lot of differences between the way both nations speak and write the English language. 

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We would not be able to talk about all the differences, of course you are aware that English is a vast subject, with so many words and vocabularies. We are going to take few examples and see the differences, under the subjects below:

1. Vocabulary: the most noticeable differences between American and British English, is the vocabulary. There are so many words used by these two nations, that are different. Checkout the picture below for examples. 

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2. Spelling: The next subject we are going to look at is the spelling of words. There are some words that are not spelt the same way by the two countries. Have you ever experienced a situation whereby you are typing something on your computer, with a computer software, and the program will underline the word, indicating that spelling is wrong, whereas you are sure that the spelling is correct. This is because, the computer program is coded with American English, and you are typing in British English, or the other way round.

The reason for the difference in spellings, is because in American English, words are spelt the way they sound, while in British English, words are spelt, the way they were absorbed from other languages. 

See the picture below for examples.

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3. Past tense verbs: In some words, Americans use ‘ed’ to mark past tense of a word, while British use ‘t’. Example the past tense of ‘learn’ in American English is ‘learned’, while in British English, it is ‘learnt’. Check out the picture below for other examples. 

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4. Collective Nouns: In American English, collective nouns are singular, while in British English, collective nouns can singular or plural. See some examples below. 

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So what are your challenges when learning English, are you following British English or American English. You can add other differences you know. 

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