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How To Write A Feature Article

According to Howexpert, "a feature article, sometimes known as a feature story or a feature is a special and important article in a magazine or newspaper. Such an article explores and presents various issues, opinions, ideas, and experiences on a variety of interesting subjects.

Like every other form of writing, a feature article is written in different stages, and in this article, I will be discussing the best method of writing a feature article known to me.

A featured article can be actualized in four stages. By following the following stages or steps you can write a presentable feature article:

• Prewriting stage:

At this stage, you have to choose an object or subject to write about. The subject or object is your topic. And choosing a topic is important because it shows that you are deliberate about writing, it is not accidental or forced. 

The most important aspect of this stage is to choose your topic. Then create an outline of the topic. What do you want to say or write about your topic? Divide this information into different sections. By doing this you are already jotting down the necessary information you want to get or pass across in your article.

2. The Writing Stage:

This is the actual writing stage. At this stage, you just have to give information about every point in your outline. You can set up the tone by writing an introduction. The introduction can be a question, it can be a fact or quote, or it can be an exposure. Then simply continue writing by supplying information to your outline. 

At this stage, ignore all errors, whether grammatical or in terms of choosing the right words. You will deal with errors in another stage. So don't worry about the errors you are making now. By the way, you are the only one that has access to your work until you give someone else permission to it. 

Keep writing until all that has to be said has been said.

• Revising stage:

This stage focuses on making changes to improve your writing. You can spot errors and correct them at this stage. Items that need to be modified include grammatical errors, an ill-fitting adjective, or a libelous word.

You can spot these errors by reading out loud to yourself or giving them to a third party to read.

• Proofreading stage:

This stage looks for and fixes errors. You can make use of some digital tools Like Grammarly to achieve this. But sometimes these tools make or omit errors, so the final reading should always be done manually.

Once you are certain that your article is error-free, you can go ahead and submit it.

Content created and supplied by: Naijafood (via Opera News )



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