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History: How emperor Caligular of Rome made his favorite horse a consul and a senator

The name of the horse is Incitatus and this horse was said to be the favorite horse of Caligular who was the emperor of the Roman empire from the year 37 AD to 41 AD. During the reign of emperor Caligular, he had plans to make his horse a consul and even a senator. When the horse was made a consul, he was brought into the assembly of consuls and when it was time to vote, he responded by defecating on the floor in front of the other senators and consuls. 

The horse was not only made a consul but he was also treated like a king, the horse was made to have a life that common men didn't could not afford, the horse lived a lavish life and never lacked anything. The horse had an Ivory manger, it had a collar of precious stones, the horse also had a stable made of marble. The horse also had its own servants. When ever he was fed, his food was made of oats mixed with Gold flake. Emperor Caligular did not only make the horse an emperor but also made the horse a priest.

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