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It is Inhuman For The Bandits To Be Chaining Down Their Victims

According to history, during the slavery era, the slave masters used to bind their enslaved victims in chains and shackles like not just animals, but like the beastly ones. And they also maltreated them severely like the beasts of the burden. However, that was supposed to be in the past. But unfortunately, perhaps, one should say that history is now recycling itself. This is because of the ice treatments that bandits do allegedly unleash on their victims.

Like the aforementioned slave merchants used to treat their slaves cruelly about 400 years ago, bandits, even in the this supposed era of civilisation are in no way different. From swooping on the innocent masses, they commit all manner of evil against them, including taking hostage of them, beating them, and even killing them. Much as these acts of inhumanity are horrible to be imagined, there is a particular one that one of the twenty persons who recently escaped from the bandits' captivity narrated.

From news reports, a fighter jet was seen by bandits hovering over their hideout in the forest in Katsina State. As a result, they abandoned their abductees who have been in their captivity for about five months. And when the Kidnappers scampered away in disarray for fear of being bombed by the fighter aircraft, their captives seized the same moment to escape out of there.

Narrating how he escaped, one of the twenty escapes, and who is known as Rabiu Mannir, said that when their kidnappers ran away because of the fighter jet, he quickly unlocked the padlock they had used to lock the chain that was used to bind his legs down, and also fled from there.

Are bandits not too inhuman to be chaining down their victims like wild animals when they, the bandits, are the dangerous ones? If they have so deluged that they now treat their fellow NigerIans or Africans in such manner, how does the white man who once did the same thing perceive of the black man?

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