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Fiction: The Biological Father Of My Son Is My Sister Husband But She Is Not Aware

It all started 12 years ago, I went to live with my elder sister, who is married, then I was 17 years old. 

One day my elder sister went on a course for six months in Canada. So I was the one taking care of her only daughter called Zara. Not too long after she travelled the husband of my elder sister began to come closer to me, he started giving me money and buy gifts for me.

One day he can to me and told me that am beautiful and playfully asked me if am a virgin, which I told him the truth that am a virgin. He started coming closer to me and eventually he told me he love me, at first, I was scared of my sister, but the pressure was too much i eventually fell in love with him, and he started sleeping with me.

Few weeks after my sister returned from Canada i became pregnant for my her husband, but at then I never knew I was pregnant not until my sister came back from the hospital and told me that the doctor told her that am pregnant, she asked me who was responsible, and I told her it a young man who I don't know too well, I was so scared to tell her the real owner of my pregnancy, because I don't want to scatter her home.

Her husband knew he was responsible for it, he begged me not to tell his wife and gave me money to abort the child.

They both couples persuaded me to abort it, but I was so scared of abortion and I ran from home and came to my mum in Abuja. My mum took care of me and the baby not knowing who is the biological father of my child. I finally gave birth to a son who is seven years old now.

This secret has been in my head for a long time, which am confused and tired of hiding it. 

Please I need your help, what do I do? Should I tell my sister and my mum?

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