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Today is Mary's Birthday, see her lovely pictures

Everyday we see stories online but we hardly come across stories that are encouraging as this. Mary's story is one that should encourage anyone passing through difficult times.

The writer (Titan the Writer) gathered that today is Mary's birthday. I decided that I should celebrate with her by sharing her story and also showing pictures of what she now looks like.

Some weeks ago, her pictures went viral on social media. She was hawking pure water sachets even though she has only one leg. What touched many people was how happy she looked despite her situation.

Even though she is an amputee she still hustles and works just as hard as any other normal person.

Mary Hawking Pure water on the street

God intervened in her situation as many rich and influential people have come to her aid.

This shows that God is still in the business of changing the stories of men.

Keep doing your best and hoping on God. He will change your situation too.

Content created and supplied by: TitanTheWriter (via Opera News )

Mary Hawking Titan


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