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Opinion: Dealing with difficult people and situations in your life

Everyday journey in life is full of up and down, sometimes we feel good and happy, while sometimes it is the other way round.

You will meet difficult people everywhere such as in the neighborhood, at work, school, even in the family and sometimes at various worship centers such church

It doesn’t matter the number of good things you do, you will still meet difficult people in life and they will mock you, they will criticize you, they will discourage you

❖ They will fight you

❖ They will speak negative things about you

❖ They will tell lies about you

❖ They will steal from you

❖ They will threaten you.

All great men in the bible came across difficult people in their journey, men like Joseph, David, even Jesus Christ of Nazareth(the very savior of the world, and Paul the Apostle.

Here are the Characteristics of difficult people

1.Some are agents of the devil sent to stop you

2.Some are immature people who need your help

3.Some are wounded people seeking revenge

4. Some are jealous people seeking relevance

5. Some are proud people who never want to see anyone above them. They felt you are growing fast.

6. Some are failures in life looking for people to perish with


❖ It means there is a great destiny in your life

❖ It means there are leadership qualities in you

❖ It means some see you as an opponent and thus you are a threat to their lower standards...(note )it's only a Mediocrity that fights a good thing.

❖ It means you have great potential

❖ It means you are an overcomer

❖ It means you are on the right track🏃🏽‍♀️

Way forward

Learn never to give up on your dreams.

pursue your dream with every sense of honest vision and passion, setor raise a standard, and do not lower or submit the standard under any threat so you can reach your targeted destiny.

Learn to forgive and forget your haters.  Embrace the word of God.  Remember when God blesses he adds no sorrow therefore Satan will never win, stay blessed.Have a gragrace-filledfe and remember to pray

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