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Opinion: 12 kinds of people you should avoid if you want to be successful

Most people in our life are blocking our road to success without our knowledge while some are blocking it with our knowledge because of ignorance we still keep them.

Successful people keep people that will make them progress in life. If you are keeping people that will decrease or neutralize you in your life you are going nowhere in life, my dear you are the CEO of your life you have the right to avoid anyone that is not add progress in life.

In life not all the people around you want your progress, some are working tirelessly to bring you down while some want you to remain where you are without your knowledge. It might be your close friend, things unexpectedly are happening this days you have to know your real friends who want your progress and keep them. Delete or let go of people who don't want to see you succeed even if they mean a lot to you.

I will be sharing with you kinds of friends you should avoid if you must make it in life.

#1. Fake friends

Fake friends are friends that pretend to be your true friend but are not, they make you lose so much in life that is why you do not deserve them. Know them and let them go don't keep people that talk good things in your front then at your back they say so many bad things about you, they spoil your reputation. They don't stand for you, they don't support you and they are only concerned for their self. Beware of them.

#2. People that gossip

People that gossip a lot are not meant to be in your life they gossip about your secret and that of others. They also say wrong this about people and don't make the road to success easy for you.

#3. People that don't support you

A person that doesn't support you in anything even if they have are not meant to be around you. They are one kinds of people you should avoid if you want to be successful.

#4. People that come to you only when they are in need

Run away from people who only cares abour their self don't keep them. People that only comes to you if they are in need but if you are in need you won't see them, don't keep such people if want to progress in life.

#5. People that only sees your mistake

People that only see your mistake, they complain about you making mistake. They don't compliment you when you don't mistake but when you do they complain. My dear no one is above mistake. Don't keep such people.

#6. People that don't encourage you

People don't encourage you aren't worth staying in your life. They don't encourage you to do what you are expected to do even when they can, this kinds of people do not want your progress.

#7. The pessimistic

People that always thinking negative, about every and their self, run away from them they are dream destroyer. They tell you to give up you can't do it. They make you think you are good for nothing, they discourage you about things you are ought to do.

This kind of person is not meant to be kept, a person that disvalue you, see no good in you. Tell you to stop wasting your your time that you can't do it.

#9. People that decrease and neutralize you

These are the kinds of people do not want to see you progress at all is either they want you to be decreasing or keep you were you are without progress. They are working tirelessly to see that you don't progress why keeping such people, my dear even if they mean a lot to you let them go.

#10. People that are jealous

People that are jealous are not meant to be kept as a friend they can't go extra mile in other to get what they want. Jealous people don't add progress to your life instead they bring your down fall.

#11. People that envy others

People that are heartless, wicked and do not care if they are, are the kinds of people you should avoid if you want to be successful. Keeping envy people around you can cause more harm than good to you.

#12. People that are lazy

Lazy people make the road for success to be so difficult for you. Lazy people, success are far from them because if you must be successful you have yo work very hard for it. Don't keep lazy people so they won't influence you not to work hard or fight for the word success which await the one who says yes to it.

You can be successful, it left for you to decide

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