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The Man Who Represented Nigeria In Dance Competition At London In 1984 But Is Hardly Known

Some people have made Nigeria proud in the past years, they took the country's name to different countries of the world. One of them is Isaac Chinagorom, who got an award for representing Nigeria in a dance competition in 1984, and he did very well. Chinagorom is a very talented dancer who dances pretty well till today.

Chinagorom was a local dancer in his home state in Imo state at that time. He was just 16 years then, he started by partaking in several local dancing competitions before he started traveling to different states of the country for dance competitions. He won most of the dance competitions he attended in different states in Nigeria at that time.

He was nominated to represent Nigeria in a dancing competition in London, the United Kingdom in 1984. He was one of the best dancers in Nigeria then, no one could challenge him in Nigeria then. Before he left for the UK, president Buhari called him and gave him some advice that a head of state is supposed to give to his citizen.

Buhari was the military head of the state of Nigeria then, Buhari promised to do him well if he does very well in the competition. He went to the UK and contested with 600 contestants from different countries of the world. He was too good that he took the third position amongst all the 600 contestants.

He was awarded and was also given a trophy, which he brought back to Nigeria. He was so unlucky that when he came back from the competition, Buhari was no more the head of state in Nigeria. Another military officer had succeeded him. So he couldn't get the house, job, and other things Buhari promised him before he left for the dancing competition.

These days, no one knows him anymore, Nigeria hardly remembers her past heroes. He still does his dance, since he's still good at what he does. Many of our past heroes are there, no one remembers or cares about them anymore, which is very wrong. Please like, share, and follow me up.

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