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Cheque Book or Note Book? -Shehu Sani Ask Remo Omokri

What is life without fun, sometimes it is easier to relate to those you share laughs with, as makes things easier for you, as you create an understanding which is beyond normal creation due to the way you are able to connect with them which goes beyond the surface level of how people might see them.

So what was supposed to be a poem that motivates, and create awareness for the younger generation metamorphosed into an avenue of which Shehu Sani has used to clown his friend, and political counterpart Remo Omokri.

Remo who had a penchant for words had taken his time to share a poem which reads:

''Dear men,

Shift focus from your LOOKS to your BOOKS and you will achieve the success that will make you get the:

The life of your dreams.

The power of your dreams, and 

The girl of your dreams

Good looks can’t do what good books can do for you!

Which seem like a masterpiece due to the kind of information it relays to his followers who might have been very excited by the prospect of the inspiration, which is an example of what Remo Omokri can offer in terms of words.

But his friend Shehu Sani perhaps wasn't in the mood to be 'educated' as he acted like a razz student who sees past the seriousness of any information that a teacher might be trying to pass across, as he replied to him in a manner that showed utmost seriousness to the message his friend was passing, as his replied quizzed, ''Check Book or just Book?''

Looking at the conversation that has ensued between them is enough to make anyone pop out with the type of laughter that will easily fill the belly, it is a good thing to see the revered politicians playing around.

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