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"Do you want to become TEN TIMES BETTER?" Say these prayers now.

Prayer is a means by which we talk. To our heavenly Father. It is morning have you considered tall to him. When you start up your day by connecting to your heavenly Father, you put God in front of whatever challenges and opposition that may want to stand in your way.

Let's talk to God now:

1. Father I thank you for waking me up this morning, healthy strong and energized. I thank you for protecting my family members and relatives through out the night, may all glory and honor be unto you in Jesus name.

2. Father you said in Your word that we would not lack any good thing that we ask of you I pray all my needs and heart desires I will ask if you today be granted to me in Jesus Name.

3. Make me 10 times better wherever I find myself, in wherever I go. Let my level change for the best to the shame of my Enemies.

I know my Prayer is not enough but answer this ones oh Lord I ask in Jesus Name. Amen.

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