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Six Words Nigerians Use Differently From The Rest Of The World

Nigeria has the fourth highest number of English speakers in the world. As a country that naturally has a wide variety of languages, English is used to bridge the language barrier between people from different tribes. However, it is to be expected that elements of native languages influence the way English is spoken in Nigeria. These influences can change the way the word sounds, is used or sometimes even it's meaning.

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This list contain words that exist in the British English vocabulary but are used differently in Nigeria. Here are six words Nigerians tend to use differently from the rest of the world.

1 Severally

It is common to hear Nigerians say something like "I told him severally.", but English speakers from other parts of the world would say "I told him several times."

2 Gist

The word "gist" in British English is simply the scope or general meaning of something.

In Nigeria however, the word "gist" is used as a term for engaging in chat or gossip.

3 Agric

This word is also used for it's original purpose in Nigeria which is to refer to anything related to agriculture. This word is also used to refer to a special variety of livestock animals which tend grow to very large sizes.

4 Put To Bed

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While this is technically a phrase not a word, It would make no sense in the context of the British English vocabulary. However, in Nigeria and other West African countries it is used to refer to childbirth.

5 Barbing Salon

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A barbing salon in Nigeria refers to a shop where a barber works. However, in other places it is called a Barber's Shop.

6 Tout

The word tout has several definitions but the most common use of the word means "a persistent or direct sales approach."

In Nigeria, the word "tout" is used to refer to thugs or people who exhibit unpleasant behaviour.

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