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I Lost My Dreams And Called Myself A Failure Until I Found The Secret Behind My Failed Writing Skill

Life is filled with dreams and much expectations. Many people dream and desire to become one thing or the other. Dreams should not be limited, it is meant for everyone. I have my own dreams and I believe everyone out there have something they wish to become in life.

Growing up, I love reading and writing a lot. It made me believe I would become a great writer of my own time. I tried creating an Imaginary stories. Becoming a great writer was all I have ever dreamt of since childhood. I turned my imaginative stories into story books. My friends would all say am good at writing but there was no one out there to support this big dream of mine. My series of books ended up a waste. My elder brother will often laugh at my dreams and refer to me as Josephine the dreamer.

This made me dream bigger, I knew I would suprise my brother one day. I opened up to lots of friends about my desires of writing something many people out there will read. I wanted to be a motivational writer, someone whom people can believe in her writing. Most of my friends mocked me and said my family would die of hunger as writers out there are not recognized. This really hurt my dreams. It was not all about the money, it was something that brings joy to my heart.

Sitting on my office chair one fateful afternoon, my phone rang out and it was my elder brother calling. I took his call but he ended up surprising me. He asked if I have ever heard of Opera news, I laughed over the phone because most persons have this application on their phones. He went further to tell me that my dreams of becoming a writer could come into reality with this platform. My elder brother who often tear my written story book is finally supporting my dream. This became a big challenge and my dream turned into desperation. I finally became a content creator in the hub. Writing for opera news hub, I wrote passionately on my books. It was mostly fiction. This passionate writing was most times rejected or would not have much clicks even when the hub try reaching out to lots of people.

I felt I was a bad writer and would never be great. My life time opportunity is here yet I was not getting much readers or my articles end up being rejected. After much thinking with tears in my eyes, I learnt something new. Opera news had opened my eyes and mind to something I never knew all the years I have dreamt of becoming a renowned writer. The platform turned my 22 years dream into a reality. 

While writing in the hub, I found out my mistakes over the years. I was a selfish writer who only wrote things that makes me happy. I never considered the feelings of my readers. To me, it was all about what makes me happy. Today, I realized from the hub that writing is all about creating, educating and going for the things that keeps your readers happy. That way, I do not work on my instinct alone. I improved on my researching skills and go for those things that make my readers happy and comment as well.

It was not all about my monthly payment in the platform. My happiness comes from the number of clicks and comments I get in my article. It made me feel my dreams are achieved with large number of people all over the country reading my article. 

I might not be a perfect writer but I have learnt the basics of writing from the Hub. So my dreams is now a reality and I know I would keep improving on this reality.

I sincerely thank the Opera News Hub for creating this platform for many upcoming writers who have dreams of becoming a great. It has also created employment for most writers as they earn from the comfort of their home. To everyone out there with dreams, do not think it's wrong to dream of becoming great. Make your dream come into reality by working passionately towards them. It might take a while, mine took 22 years before I learnt of this platform which is not up to two years. I greatly appreciate being a content creator on this platform.

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