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Recent Photos Of James, The Boy that Was Rejected By Many Schools Because Of His Long Curly Hair

A few months ago, I published an article about this handsome young boy whose name is James Farouk and I wrote about why many learning institutions refused to admit the young boy into their school.

And surprisedly the story of this handsome light-skinned boy attracted a lot of comments and mixed reactions.

This is a photo of when the boy was four years old;

Below Are His Recent Photos:

Before I come back to the story of why many schools refused to admit the boy, first let me give you a little bit of fact about the young man.

James Farouk is a half-caste which explains why he is fair in complexion. His father is a Ghanaian, while his mother is from the United Kingdom - that means his mother is from England.

Now back to why many schools rejected the young boy who is a well-known celebrity, if you look at the boy's hair you will notice that he has a very beautiful long hair.

The boy's abundant hair growth is not a result of a hair booster or any cream that makes hair to grow very well.

The hair is natural and it the hair that makes the boy a celebrity right from when he was three years old.

Now the schools are demanding that the boy would have to cut the hair to a low haircut before they will admit him into their school.

On the other hand, the boy's mother strongly refused to lower his son's hair at the expense of his son's education.

The boy's mother knew that if she allows her son's hair to be lowered, her son will no longer be a celebrity and the money she used to get from the modeling company that hired his son just because of his unique hair will stop coming in.

Photo Source: Instagram

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