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The African Tribe Known As Himba, Why Its People Rarely Bathe With Water, And How They Clean-up

Africans are known for their unique cultures. In this article, we will be looking at an African tribe known as Himba, and their unique culture.

The Himba are often called the Omhimba people, and they are found in the northern part of Namibia, a country in Southwest Africa. The people of this tribe still follow their ancient tradition to the core and it makes them unique.

Illustrative Photo. Credit: Alamy

These people are wary of external contact in other not to contaminate their tradition in any way.

This tribe has a tradition of adorning the newborns with necklaces made with fancy beads, and their men are allowed to have many wives.

Their men are mainly farmers and livestock breeders while their women are preoccupied with gathering firewood, cooking and serving meals and sourcing for freshwater.

One peculiar thing about this tribe is that they rarely bathe with water, this is because of the harsh climate and unavailability of potable water. The Himba people live in one of the most extreme environments on earth with a harsh desert climate. However, they still maintain their hygiene by having a daily smoke bath.

Here's how they take their smoke bath

Hot charcoal is dropped into a large bowl filled with herbs which are mainly a collection of different leaves, then they cover themselves with a blanket to stop the smoke from escaping. This causes a lot of sweat to come out from their body alongside dirt.

Illustrative Photo. Credit: Audley Travel

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