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5 Richest Men In History

Wealth is reflected as one of the rarest gifts. Some notable people were typically given a unique combination of extraordinary wealth and economic power while others were not. The world had encompassed some most affluent men that will forever be remembered in history.

They are richer than our modern rich men and own a wealth that might be impossible to believe. Underneath are the top 5 out of them:

1. Mansa Musa: He was the King of Timbukta in Mali who lived around 1280 – 1337. He was apprehended to remain the wealthiest man in history. Richard Smith, a professor in history at Ferrum College, mentioned that Musa’s Kingdom was seen as the world's most leading producer of gold during the time that gold was at peak demand. No figure could describe his wealth. Historical sources described his wealth in an impossible form for our time.

During his pilgrimage to Mecca, his spending was very huge that resulted in currency crises in Egypt. Gold in hundreds of pounds was carted by dozens of camels. Another Professor of history at the University of Michigan, Rudolph Ware states that Musa’s wealth was unimaginably huge that people find it so complicated to describe it. 

2. Augustus Caesar: He lived around 63 BC – 14 AD. During his time, he owns 25% to 30% of the economic output of the world.

Ian Moris, a Professor of History at Stanford University explains that, at a certain point in time, Augustus's wealth equates to one-fifth of his kingdom’s economy, which is equivalent to $4.6 trillion as of 2019.

3. Emperor Shenzong: He ruled an empire identified as China’s Song Dynasty which was one of the most mighty empires in terms of the economy at that time. He lived around 1048 - 1085. Prof. Ronald A. Edwards at Tamkang University, explains that his empire owns about 25%-30% of the global GDP during that time.

The empire sourced its wealth from tax collection and technological innovation.

4. Akbar I: He lived around 1542 - 1605 in India. Akbar was popularly known as the Indian Mughal dynasty's most acclaimed emperor who governed an empire that owns about 25% of the global GDP.

Angus Maddison, a recent economic historian speculates that, under the reign of Akbar, India’s global GDP was equivalent to Elizabethan England, but with a privileged class that is moderately above that of European society. Economist Branko Milanovic's research reveals that Mugal Dynasty was known in history as one of the most effective empires of all time at sourcing wealth from the masses.

5. Joseph Stalin: He was recognized as a dictator with ultimate power who ruled and controlled one of the dominant and vast economies in the world (USSR). He lived around 1878-1953.

He was nominated by economists as one of the most affluent people of all time due to his unique combination of absolute control of the Soviet Union and economic might. Three years before his death, the USSR accounted for up to 9.5% of the global GDP as shown by Data from OECD in 1950. The GDP was equivalent to almost $7.5 trillion.

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