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World Record: Meet The Sultan Who Fathered 888 Children.

Legend has it that Sultan Moulay Ismail Ibn Sharif, who was the sultan of Morocco, had sex every single day, which may not be tough to do, since he had over 500 different women to choose from. Whether he should be remembered for his cruel tyranny or not is a matter of dispute between Moroccans, but they agreed that Ismail was one of the most important ruler in Moroccan History. Here are some facts about the Sultan.

The Longest Sultan To Rule Morocco.

Sultan Moulay Ismail Ibn Sharif was propelled to the throne of Morocco in 1672. Ismail's reign as Sultan was longer than any other ruler in Moroccan History. He ruled Morocco from 1672–1727, as the second ruler of the Alaouite dynasty.

He Fathered more children than anyone in History and was a sex addict.

Ismail was well known for siring hundreds of children. According to Guinness book of World Records, he Fathered 888 children, the highest number of offspring for anyone throughout history that can be verified, a total of 525 sons and 342 daughters. Based on a report by Dominique Busnot, a French diplomat who frequently travelled to Morocco, "the sultan may have actually Fathered 1,171 children from four wives and 500 concubines by 1704, Ismail was 57 and had ruled for 32 years. See link to the report 👉

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