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NOK: The Southern Kaduna Village That Had The Earliest Identified Civilisation In Nigeria

If you are conversant with history, then 'Nok Culture' won't be alien to you. Regarded as the earliest identified civilisation in Nigeria, Nok culture dates back to 1500 BC and lasted about 2000 years before it mysteriously vanished around 500 AD.

About Nok village and people.

Nok is a Ham(Jaba) speaking village located in Southern Kaduna District of Kaduna State. It is a few kilometres from Kafanchan and Kwoi town. Natives of Nok are known to be excellent blacksmith and sculptors since the Iron Age. In recent times, they have also thrived in Agriculture - the area is known to be one the largest producers of ginger in the country.

Old Nok settlement (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons).

Present day Nok.

One striking difference between Nok and other Southern Kaduna villages is the presence of terracotta scattered around the area which shows how natives still keep their age-long culture.

Terracotta sculpture at the entrance of Nok.

Speculations from Wikipedia have it that the Yoruba, Jukun and Dakakari(Zuru) people might be descendants of the Nok people.

Prominent People From Nok.

Late Professor Andrew Jonathan Nok.

Prof Nok was a Professor of Biochemistry and the public affairs Secretary of Nigerian Academy of Science. He was a recipient of the Nigerian National Award of Merit and a one time winner of the Alexander Humboldt prize.

Audu Maikori.

Maikori is a Lawyer and the Co-founder/ President of Chocolate City entertainment. He was a one time winner of the International Young Music Entrepreneur of the year.

When next you are in Kaduna State, you can visit Nok to see things for yourself.

Photo Credit: Google.

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