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3 Yoruba Kings Who Falsified The Eating Of A King's Heart Before Ascending The Throne

Traditional rulers are one of the categories of people who have the deepest understanding of culture and traditions. Before you can ask anyone about the facts of a kingdom, you should know that nobody knows the traditions of that Kingdom more than the king. In the history of culture and traditions in the Yoruba land, there have been different stories, theories, and rumours about the traditions of the Yoruba people.

Some of these traditions are true, used to be true, or are not true at all. The selection of a king in the Yoruba kingdom is one of the events that requires some traditional practices. For example, kings are always mandated to go into seclusion for days, weeks, or even months before they could be properly crowned as the king of their land.

Seclusion is a period of time when the prospective kingship candidate is put in isolation, away from other people. It is believed that this period is when the King gets familiar with the spiritual forces of the land.

Interestingly, for several years, people have been wondering if the rumoured tradition of a prospective kingship candidate eating the heart of his predecessor is true. Thankfully, 3 different powerful kings in the Yoruba land, during their different interviews with Punch News, clearly stated that the tradition is untrue. They do not practice anything like such.

The 3 Kings who falsified this belief include;

1. Akirun of Ikirun Land in Osun state, Oba Rauf Olayiwola Olawale. The King, in 2018, disclosed that eating of human heart during the process of installing a new king is entirely false. He never did anything like that during his time.

2. Olugbo of Igbo Land in Ondo state, Oba Obateru Akinruntan. In 2018, this king made it clear that there is no tradition as eating human heart. It is entirely false, and he never did such. This was according to his statement.

3. Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akiolu. In his interview with Punch in 2016. Oba Rilwan said eating human heart for ritual is a false tradition and in his town, nothing as such is practiced.

I am sure these 3 Kings have been able to enlighten us with with their knowledge of this particular tradition discussed in this article.



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