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I feel happy when I think about these 3 things In my life

Known as the feeling of inner joy and peace, happiness is one of the best feelings, when you are happy you tend to forget everything about sadness. I was not born with a silver spoon but with hard work and commitment, I think I'm heading somewhere.

Everybody has his or her challenge, knowing yours and creating ways to handle the situation makes you the best. In every situation I find myself in, I always see it from a positive perspective I try to find ways to laugh over it because life doesn't need too much seriousness. Below are three things that make me happy anytime I think about them.

The future

The belief that no condition is permanent is working for me. I believe that the future will be much brighter than the present. Situations have a way of turning around, you may be surprised to know that "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" the challenges you are facing today are training you for your success tomorrow, optimism is my watchword because "you are what you think".

My life

This is the most important. I feel very happy whenever I think about my life because there is a reason for me being alive. When I think about the people I have lost I have a reason to be thankful for life because "with life comes everything".


In times of challenge, I constantly remind myself that I have a family that supports and cares for me no matter what. I'm still single but I don't play with my family especially my siblings and my mother, those sets of people are my greatest source of happiness.

I just want to advise you to make yourself happy no matter the situation because apart from improving your mood, happiness also extends your lifespan.

Feel free to tell me what makes you happy in the comment section 👇, your likes and shares will greatly be appreciated.

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