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Two enemies of destinies that terminate success in the life man.

Many people have ignorantly died on the struggles and hardships of life because they were not brilliant enough to carry out God's undiluted orders of dominion, rulership and multiplication.

It is a natural phenomenon that everyone created by God has a positive and great destiny to attain to, in order to become successful in life. Being successful is the sole purpose of God in creating a man.

But many people are still suffering in life based on the fact that they have not discovered nor silenced the enemies that are fighting against their destinies.

However here are two enemies of destinies that terminate success:

1. Impatience: Most people have destroyed their great destinies because they were faster than their shadows. They lacked patience to wait on God's perfect timing, and later, they end up wasting their destinies by bargaining their souls with the devil in exchange for success.

2. Ignorance of God's order of multiplication: God from the onset ordered man to be successful in all things through God's commandment of multiplication and dominion. But most people embraced being ignorance of God than knowing God himself. The ignorance of God's order upon a man denies him access towards success.

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