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History: The Man Who Killed The Man Who Saved His Life

Enver Pasha is known as one of the leaders of the Ottoman Empire from 19141918. He was known to be the Minister of War. In 1914, it was known that the Russian Empire invaded the eastern side of the Ottoman Empire when he was the military leader. He was regarded as a terrible leader and once sent hundreds of thousands of Turkish soldiers into the mountains without clothing during very cold winter months. It was known that this huge army of his was demoralized having a crushing defeat for the Ottoman Empire.

It was known that Half of the aforementioned man forces froze to death with the other half either captured or killed in action. He kept losing battle after battle. In battle he was in, he got wounded and almost died. Armenian soldiers of the Ottoman Army encircled him in other to protect him which they did successfully. History has it that an Armenian army man named Hovanes carried him on his back and ran him to the closest town and saved his life.

After being rescued, he blamed the Armenians for his losses in all the battles and with this, He devised a plan to exterminate all Armenians in the Ottoman Empire and he brutally massacred 1.5 million Armenians in the worst ways possible. 

Hovanes, the Armenian who saved Envers life was rounded up in a labor battalion with other Armenians and was even forced to dig his own grave and was then ruthlessly killed in the camps

Justice was served in 1922, when an Armenian battalion defeated Enver Pashas forces and an Armenian named killed him himself.

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