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The Jacques Chaban Delmas Lift Bridge In France Is An Engineering Marvel (Photos)

When talking about some of the most developed countries in Europe, France will surely be on the podium of recognition.

Famous for its historical building like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France is also home to some modern technological marvels.

A bridge is a structure that spans a physical barrier without obstructing traffic below it, in recent we have seen some bizarre bridges across the globe. Thanks to advancements in technology, design software and construction materials have given bridge architects an upper hand.

Without much words, In this article, I will be showing you the Jacques Chaban Delmas Lift Bridge In France known for its unique style of lifting a section up to allow the passage of a ship.

Jacques Chaban Delmas bridge is located in the France city of Bordeaux, the construction of this unique bridge started in 2009 and three years later it was completed and the next year(2013) it was opened to the public for use, it connects the Bastide and Bacalan district.

The Jacques Chaban Delmas bridge is different from the normal bridge because a section of it can be lifted mechanically to allow for the passage of a tall ship beneath it. The central section can span vertically to a height of over 100m and the whole process takes only 11minutes.

This magnificent piece of engineering is 253ft in height, 105ft in width, and about 360ft long. It was named after the former mayor of Bordeaux Mr. Jacques Chaban Delmas.Thanks for your time.

Image credit: Google

Content created and supplied by: Nathtoski5 (via Opera News )

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