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Check out some of the most weird and ridiculous tattoos ever.

Which tattoos have you seen that look cool or really weird and ridiculous to you?

Many of us if not all have seen tattoos on most of the celebrity and non celebrity that are beautiful and amazing but some are nothing to write home about they are just weird and ridiculous to look.

Yes some tattoos were done in seriousness and in all the sentimentality but some were done in total dumbness and craziness. According to a survey,about 78% of the people who ink their body or have tattoos are happy they got them while 22% totally and fully regret inking their body.

Tattoos can be beautiful and amazing but they can also make you look or appear to be out of your mind.

Before getting a tattoos,most of the people spend a long time picking the design, consulting with the tattoos artist and choosing the perfect spot for their body art. After all this some people will still come out with weird and ridiculous tattoos.

Scroll down below to see some weird and ridiculous tattoos ever.

What do you have to say about this people who has these tattoos on their body.

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