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Literature Poetry

Writing and Understanding Poetry For Creative minds

What is Poetry

Of all the forms of composition and writing, poetry is the most rigorous in terms of demands of language and Structure while other forms of composition rely on narration and description.

Poetry is a Compressed language that is to say that one stanza of a poem is equivalent to a double paragraph in an ordinary composition.

Poetry is the best words in the best order, it is a language that is conscious of itself.

Poetry is about the creation of mental images that compact with their representation of ideas in real life.

Poetry is man talking to man with great intensity of emotions and feelings.

How to write a poem

> When you want to write a poem, let the poem lead you rather than you leading the poem... Your inspiration should lead you

> Use a language that is consice and memorable.

> There Avoid Obscure Language, Use the language of common speeche.

> Write about a single Experience in one poem

> Entertain as much as you can in your poem while saying something less

> There must be an internal flow of logic in the use words and images

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