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Use These Prayers To Cancel Every Negative Reports Affecting Your Life And Progress

Evil report is negative words that will affect your life and progress if not cancelled with positive response. They are the words of enemies that doesn't want the promises of God in your life to manifest.

Such report brought confusion among the Israelites after the return of the twelve spies sent to see how the promise land look like, (numbers 13-1-31) after these Prayers no evil report shall work in your life again.


Any negative thought affecting my life and progress today be renew, in the name of Jesus. And let every good thing you have denied my life be restore back, in the name of Jesus.

Any ancestral report in the spiritual world affecting my life and family, today I cancel you all, in the name of Jesus. And let all the good things you have denied my life in the previous years be restore 100 folds, in your name.

I silence any witchcraft word and report affecting my financial growth, in the name of Jesus.

Oh Lord, arise today and transform my life for better, and let the spiritual strength and power to possess my possession be upon me now and forever, in Jesus name I pray.

Thank you Father for granting my petition,in Jesus name I pray.

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