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Is The Queen Of Sheba Buried In Nigeria?

The legend of the Queen of Sheba is one of history's more fertile legends; over time, it has been re-imagined by Jewish, Islamic, Arabian and many other interpretations.

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As a result of this, accounts of her life differ depending on who’s telling the story.

Bilikusu Sungbo was a very intelligent and industrious woman of Ijebu-land in present-day Ogun State. Her people often referred to her as Oloye Bilikusu (Oloye means ruler in the Yoruba language).

According to oral history, by the Ijebu people, Bilikusu is considered more than just an ordinary woman, they believe she is a goddess who was wise and powerful in her life time.

The Ijebu people believe that Oloye Bilikusu is the biblical Queen of Sheba who after hearing of the wisdom of king Solomon, visited his court to learn from him.

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Another historical account claims that the Queen of Sheba traveled all the way from Ethiopia to Ijebu-Ode where she passed on and was buried.

Sungbo’s Eredo, a system of defensive walls and ditches located in Ijebu-Ode was said to have been built between 800AD-1000AD in her honor. The walls have been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1995.

The grave of Bilikusu is located in Oke-Eri, a village in Ijebu land. The grave has a small gate with a small fence and iron bars and cement pillars with Arabic words written on them.

According to a custodian of the gravesite, the place was discovered by a group of Ijebu hunters known as Alori in Ijebu-land.

Because Bilikusu forbade women and dogs to step on her grave site, the tradition of Ijebu land forbids women and dogs to visit the grave site of Bilikusu.

Today, pilgrims go to her grave site to offer prayers and thanksgiving to her because they believe that anything they ask for there would be granted to them.

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