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Opera News Changed The Aroma Of My Pot Of Soup When Situation Seemed So Difficult. This Is My Story

Despite that I have not really been active in writing in this platform for some weeks or a Month and some weeks ago due to my tight schedule with school activities, but that wouldn't make me not to fit in myself for this great writing contest because I see it as a very big opportunity to thank opera for Thus far they have being of help to me financially.

Few Months ago I was still a student (I just graduated some weeks ago), and as a student, it can be very difficult to survive in school in terms of financial buoyancy to pay for all their exorbitant charges that are being billed to students in school and also money for feeding.

Let me start my story with how my pot of soup was, during my early Higher National Diploma days in school when I have not gotten to know about opera news. It pains me badly that I don't have the pictures again I would have loved to be adding pictures to this article while I write to make my story more interesting but nevertheless, I will still do my best to direct exactly what I went through during those days. It's just really difficult, but I survived by the grace of God When it seemed more difficult, lucky God lead me to opera news one faithful day that I was browsing through the internet searching for an online business that is legit.

There's this local concussion food that my roommate and I do cook just with #150, you can imagine how the Food will look like. We were really suffering.


• vegetables #50

• red oil #30

• Maggi #20

• crayfish #50

I know it looks unbelievable, but sincerely it is the truth. We will just put everything together and allow fire to touch it then food is ready. Luckily we produce garri so garri was never a problem. We really enjoyed the food but the truth to be told we were suffering.

So when I got to know about Opera News things really changed, though I don't earn hug amount of money but the little I earn have gone a very long way for me. The last time I went to market I spent not less than #1500 for soup item. Well the change was not only in my pot, it affected positively other parts.

When it comes to school matters, that I am through with my project today it is by God's grace through the help of Opera Money. Sincerely I don't know where start and where to end, but Opera have really been of a great help to me.

Below are some screenshot of few of my payment some months ago.

Below are some items that I bought with the money paid to me by opera.

I am very grateful to Opera.

Long live opera.

Long live Nigeria.

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Opera News This Is My Story


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