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Brief History of Dass People.

Dass is a Local Government Area of Bauchi State with its headquarters in the town of Dass.

People began to settle in Dass as far back as the period before the Jihad of Danfodio around the foot and on the Mbula hill.

Most of the early settlers came in search of security, they hid in caves and on the hilltop to avoid attack by their enemies.

Later in the early part of the 19th century during the jihad of Shehu Danfodio Jarawa people immigrated to the area in search of security and respite. By the middle of the century they had settled at the foot of Mbula hill. 

The area began her administrative role a year before the amalgamation of Nigeria, when the colonial masters gave the area a third class chiefdom in 1913.

It was given to the leader of the Jarawa known as Dukkurma who united the groups and ruled up to 1927.

After his death, his son who was educated in Bauchi elementary school, by the British colonial masters.

Alh. Usman Maleka, succeeded his father Dukkurma that same year.

During the reign of Usman Maleka the area had demonstrated rapid growth and development which is the by product of valued leadership and promotion of peace throughout the diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds of the people.

Similarly during his reign the community was considered by the committee on local government creation in which in 1976 the area was given local government area with full administrative function, at the same time with the birth of the then Bauchi state (i.e.) 1976. 

A year later in 1977 after the Chief died he was succeeded by his son Alh. Bilyaminu Othman who propelled the rapid growth of the emirate to 2nd class and up to the first-class emirate in 1983 and 1997 respectively Dass is endowed with rich agricultural land that provides Bauchi state and neighbouring states with good rice and maize which are the staple food of the community. Dass has been peaceful despite diverse ethnic groups.

The local government now is blessed with first class traditional leader Alh. Usman Bilyaminu Othman who succeeded his late father Alhaji Bilyaminu Othman.

Dass has eleven districts:

1. Bununu

2. Wandi

3. Bundot

4. Polchi

5. Lukshi

6. Baraza

7. Dott

8. Bazali

9. Bajar-Bagel

10. Durr, and

11. Zumbul.

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