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Read The Story Of A Tribe That Was Attacked By Rival Tribes And How They Protected Themselves

If you ask any existing tribe today that what have they been through so far in the history of their existence, they will surely say something about their experience and how they have come to become what they are and how they got what they practice.

This story features a tribe called the Asaro tribe that lived in a village called Goroka. The tribe is known for covering themselves in mud.

There is a story behind the act of covering themselves in mud which they usually exhibit as an act.

It was said that in many years ago, this tribe (Asaro) was not really known to the world, but before they became known in the 20th century, they usually terrorise neighboring villages in the area they are with the scaring mud masks on their faces.

The Asaro tribe were not in mud before until one day when a rival tribe attacked them. The Asaro tribe were scared and they went to hid themselves in a river called the Asaro river.

They stayed in the water for sometimes, but when they decided to come out, their enemies were still around. The interesting part is that when their enemies saw them, they ran away because the Asaro tribe were covered with white mud of the water. Their attackers ran away because they thought they have seen ghosts.

Since then, the Asaro tribe have been covering themselves in white mud because of what happened.

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