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Meet The Islamic Scholar Who Brought Maliki Jurisprudence To Nigeria

In the early 19th century, Islamic scholar Usman dan Fodio launched a jihad, which is called the Fulani War, against the Hausa Kingdoms of Northern Nigeria. He was victorious, and established the Fulani Empire with its capital at Sokoto.

Usman dan Fodio was a Fulani scholar, religious teacher, revolutionary, military leader, writer, promoter of Sunni Islam, and the founder of the Sokoto Caliphate.

Muhammad al-Maghili was the Islamic scholar who brought the Maliki jurisprudence to Nigeria. Al-Maghili was responsible for converting to Islam the ruling classes among Hausa, Fulani, and Tuareg peoples in West Africa.

The Maliki school is one of the four major source of Islamic jurisprudence within Sunni Islam. It was founded by Malik ibn Anas in the 8th century. The Maliki school of jurisprudence relies on the Quran and hadiths as primary sources.

Al-Maghili was an adherent to the Maliki school of thought and he derived a radical perspective of the school and its views on politics, religion, and society.

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