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3 Powerful Signs That God Is With You

God is our father, he has promised he will always be by our side. He didn't say troubles will not come, but He assured us that even amid trial and tribulations, he will stand by us and deliver us.

But sometimes some situations can make you ask yourself if God exists, don't worry you are not the only one.

Just know that the strategies of God are not that of man, God's timing is the best. Well, if you notice any of these 3 signs, then God is with you.

1. He Speak To You

God will always communicate and speak to his children. It may come as a thought, a form of contemplation, he may use the Bible or even a human. Either way, when God speaks to you, he gives you peace of mind.

2. He Provides For You

God has assured us that he will provide for all our needs. He will never let his children lack. If you notice that he always provides for your need even when there is no hope, then He is with you.

3. He Uses You To Bless Others And End Their Problems

This one is clear, If you notice God always uses you to bless souls, then He is with you. It may be financially, physically, socially, or otherwise.

Thank You, do well to share with friends.

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