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Read The Story Of Emmett Till, A 14-Year-Old African American Boy Who Was Killed In 1955

There are some historical cases of African Americans being gruesomely murdered due to one reason or the others. The case of this young boy whose name was Emmett Till took place in 1955.

Emmett Till, at that time was fourteen, he was visiting family In Money in Mississippi, he was murdered for allegedly having an affair with a white woman some days after.

Three days after Till arrived at Money in Mississippi, he decided to go into a grocery store to get refreshments after he had picked cotton under a hot sun.

What happened in the grocery store between Till and a white woman was not really known, but Emmett Till bought some things. Information later reached Roy Bryant, the husband of the white woman who owned the store that Emmett was in the grocery store with his wife, and he might have either whistle, touch the hand of the white woman or flirt with her.

Some days later, husband of Bryant and his brother kidnapped Till, they beat him, maltreated him and shot him to death. After he was killed, they tied his body with barbed wire and threw him into a nearby river.

When the boy's body was found, his mother decided to have a open burial for him so that the world would see what had happened.

The two people who were identified as Till's killers were put to trial, but they were later acquitted by the courtroom.

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