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Lessons To Learn From The Story Of Samson

Samson was recorded as the strongest man ever because his strength was backed up by God himself. When he was born, his mother was instructed by an angel not to drink wine till he is given birth to and not to allow razor or any sharp object touch his head.

When Samson was growing up, he saw a beautiful lady in the opposition land, the land of the Philistines, but his parents were not happy with the way he was visiting her all the time. One day, as Samson was going there, he encountered a lion on the way. He killed the lion by tearing its mouth wide open. While coming back through that same route, he saw that bees had settled on the body of the lion, the he scooped some honey and took it home.

The lady he was always going to visit, Delilah was also a Philistine and she was bribed to find the root/secret of Samson's strength because Samson was a deadly threat to their army. After much persuasion, she discovered that the source of his strength was his long uncut hair. After disclosing the secret, Samson's hair was cut and he was bound.

While in prison, God made his hair grow again and in a festival of the Philistines to their god, Samson brought the building down killing many people and himself too.

Samson's story teaches us to always listen to our parents or elders when they advice us. Remember the Bible reads, "Obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right, honor your father and your mother, for this is the first commandment with a promise". They say "Experience is the best teacher". Never disobey your parents or elders no matter how wise you think you are.

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