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Fiction: How I was almost kidnapped by two unknown men.

My name Princess Gbadegeshin, I am 14 years old and I will be describing how I was almost kidnapped by two unknown men while I was on my way to school today.

At 7o'clock this morning I left home for school as usual. Since I woke up early today, I decided to take a short route to school instead of taking bike or a cab. I was not even conscious of my environment because it is kinda gentle as you don't see so many people around.

As I was moving, I started thinking of how I am going to rock the school today as the potential head girl of my school. Suddenly, I saw to guys standing by the roadside. I greeted then as a respectful kid you know and they responded. But as I moved on, one of them asked me to come and I was like did I know you before!. I decided to do as of I didn't hear anything and I kept moving. Two minutes later, I discovered I can hear footsteps of some people following me. So I started moving faster as I could, but I keep hearing the sound of the footsteps more. I looked back just to have a glance view of those following me. Then I started running as it turns out to be those two guys. I didn't even know when I got to school as my heart was pounding heavily.

I think as from today, I will never ever trek to school anymore. And I still thank God for saving me.

Please what advice can you give me?

This is just a fiction, please rate my work and if there is any objection don't hesitate to tell me.

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