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Checkout Beautiful Photos Of These Houses That Will Make You Fall In Love With Architecture

Nigeria is not left out when we discuss countries with great architectural features, right from the founding fathers of architecture in Nigeria like Arc Alex Ekwueme other architects has evolved and have successfully designed solid and beautiful buildings that could stand the test of time. I was shuffling the media earlier this morning when I came across beautiful photos of castles that were designed by two Nigerian architects currently practicing in Abuja and one in Lagos. See photos below;

Architecture is the art and science of planning, designing, supervising, management and construction of buildings or other structures. In Nigeria the practice of architecture is regulated by the Architects registration council of Nigeria (ARCON) and the Nigeria institute of architects (NIA). To become an architect in Nigeria one must first complete a 6 year training under an accredited department of architecture in a Nigerian university or abroad.

Architecture is as old as human human history because it entails the sheltering of humans, a famous architect once defined architecture as "the mirror of life" because shelter is a basic need for every human being. Over the years the world has produced great architects, from the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright, Walter Gropius, Louis Sullivan, Buckminster Fuller, Alva Alto, Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry, Auguste Perret and many more.

The construction process of these buildings which involves both the architect, structural engineers, foreman and other members of the building team is one that even a layman would love to see and experience. If you have once visited a construction site you'll know that God really bestowed so much creativity in humans.

Looking at these pictures just increased my love for architecture, did they make you feel the same way?

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