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'Nobody Knows Who Named Earth' - See How People Reacted To This Fact

Our existence on earth is just a mystery as everyone seem to have a different opinion on how it all started. While some believe in God as the creator of planet earth and the whole universe, others seem to be skeptical about His existence using logic to back their claim.

A Twitter user @fact shared a post claiming that 'Nobody knows who named earth'.

From my research on Google, this is what I got :

A further research on the Holy Bible, led me to Gen 1:10 which says ' God called the dry land Earth, and the water that was gathered together he called sea'.

This post triggered mixed reactions among members of the public who shared their thoughts on the subject matter.


Like they say 'Different strokes for different folks - everyone has his believe and should stick to it.

But the big question is!

Who named earth?

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